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Weekly Push Groups Are Back!

I invite you to join the PUSH group for Conversation, Community, and Writing

PUSH groups are the heartbeat of the community space provided by Writer Tammy

It is intelligent conversation with creative people.

Gatherings are every Monday at 7 p.m. Central/ 8 p.m. Eastern

Each hour-long meeting focuses on curiosity and wonder. We share wins and experiences, write together, laugh, and are open to new ideas. 

Payment of $20.00/per month to PayPal will secure a spot for the month. 

If you would like to pay ahead you may!

$100 for 6-month enrollment

You can enroll for PUSH groups here. Please make sure to include your email in the notes! You will receive the Zoom link for the month when your registration is confirmed.

If you have trouble with the link you can search for me by my email or @tammybreitweiser1 in PayPal.

I look forward to seeing you!

NO ONE will be left behind due to financial hardship. If you need an alternative price point just reply to this newsletters. You are welcome however you are!

What People are Saying


Push for push: “Push gets me writing. Tammy has a way of making me look at things from a different lens and perspective. She has me stretching my mind and I feel I am growing as a writer and learning a lot about myself and my craft. It’s a weekly mind workout. Push is like yoga for your mind. As a teacher I teach the craft of writing, but seldom did I make time to practice my own writing. Push ensures that I take time for myself to enjoy writing.”


Even though it’s just one hour a week, I try never to miss a week with Tammy’s PUSH group. This small and intimate group is like writing therapy. We talk about our successes over the week. Then, Tammy chooses the perfect prompts and we write for somewhere between 5-8 minutes. Everyone is given a chance to talk about what they wrote and no one declines. It’s such a safe place. Somehow everything I write during this hour with Tammy comes from a deeper and more honest place than in sprints with other groups.


From the prompts, to the encouragement, from the groups to the friendships my Patreon subscription with The Accidental Inspirationalist and Tammy L. Breitweiser has been well worth it.


In this week’s writer’s push group meeting, hosted and led by the amazing Tammy Breitweiser, we had a creative discussion about play before doing some writing based on phrases and words that came up in our discussion.

This is a great way for me to get into my writing zone and I love the way Tammy’s meeting is structured to be perfectly supportive of space and time to generate new material. Celebrating an achievement or a win for the week always puts me in a great mood. The chat about the topic or theme or writing prompt with others is inspirational on many levels. When we all get to write for 5 to 7 minutes without censoring or editing, I always have a lot to write – and what I write always manages to surprise me (in a very good way).

What a fantastic way to create a good relationship between the writer and the page!


Middle School ELA Teacher

Tammy and I co-taught a lesson teaching theme during one of my classes and it was one of the most engaging co-taught lessons that I’ve ever seen. She creates exciting experiences for the students as well as the teachers. She is also an amazing leader. It was known across the school that if you had a question Tammy definitely would know the answer and she would be more than willing to help you. She also led numerous engaging PLCs and Workshop Wednesdays (trainings for teachers) that equipped teachers with not only a new set of tools to use in their classrooms, but also the confidence to effectively utilize these tools.

Tammy’s time as an instructional coach had a tremendous positive impact on not just my pedagogy, but on the entire school. She created a writing group for the 7th graders and they absolutely loved it. The students were able to participate in enrichment activities outside of the classroom. She was able to get students excited about reading, writing, and even data. Tammy has been one of the best assets to our school.


Middle School Math Teacher

I worked with Tammy Breitweiser as a curriculum coach. She assisted me in implementing higher level thinking skills, as well as specific strategies to help make my classroom more successful. I felt that with her help, I was able to implement these different strategies and be successful from the preparation she gave. She would always follow up and make sure that things were going well and I truly felt that she cared about my success and the success of my students. 


Sixth Grade Teacher

Tammy was my coach during one of the most difficult times of my life. My first year of teaching. Her insight and advice proved invaluable to me as I struggled with crippling anxiety, feelings of inadequacy, and finding meaning and purpose in my life. Tammy has the kind of intuition that you only develop after years of life giving conversations and relationships. She knows people, and sometimes better than they know themselves. If you’re looking for growth, spend some time with Tammy, and you’ll turn decades into days. She specializes in practical advice that you can use NOW. 

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