Llama Tuesdays!

The Story

In 2018, I was thinking how Tuesday’s were my favorite day because weekly podcasts I listen to are published that day. I had recently taken a trip to Target and found llama stickers. I use stickers to record writing rejections, to decorate my planner, or just brighten somebody’s day on a notecard. At first, I thought a cartoon llama was an odd sticker to have but I thought they were fun. The little party hat seemed appropriate somehow. I was drawn to the llamas. At that point, I didn’t realize how much of a lasting effect the llama would have on my life.

It isn’t the beginning of the week — it isn’t hump day — it isn’t Friday Eve- it’s just a normal ordinary “do what you need to do” day. I decided it needed something special to liven it up that was my own. People make up holidays all the time so why not me? This was the day Llama Tuesday was born.

Llamas are a little ornery. They spit, they can be pretentious, and have a bit of an attitude. I think that Llamas and writers have a lot in common in these ways so I started to slip it onto the end of my blog posts. I am part of a teacher writer group and post on Tuesdays and share on Twowritingteachers.org. I figured this was the perfect venue to try out my new message.

I started posting a random “Happy Llama Tuesday” message in my regular writing community on Slack as well as the bottom of blog posts. At first, I didn’t offer any explanation. I just wanted to see if people would notice.

They noticed.

Now it is a regular practice and the tagline is “Happy Llama Tuesday — Celebrate accordingly!” So you might celebrate by being a little sassy that day or bring a smile to someone’s face. It is not the customary greeting which can catch people off guard pleasantly.