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What people are saying:

“These are beautiful stories that had me giggling and gasping. Her stories are full of fascinating characters and disturbing situations.”

I’m writing this a few days after reading to see what stayed with me: several sharp descriptions, loss, darkness, and hope. There’s a sense of mystery too.

Tammy’s writing is incredibly visceral and powerful. I found pieces of myself in each story and couldn’t wait to read the next!


Consequences of Salt, FoxGlove Journal, March 21, 2023


Fever Dream, Full Mood Magazine, September 2022

The Fire Will Be The Fortune Honorable Mention for 2022 24 Hour Short Story Contest

The Magic Garden, Shorts Magazine, November 20, 2021

Amazon Has Voodoo Dolls, But Not Reindeer, Fiction Kitchen Berlin, February 13, 2021

The Last Time, Gone Lawn, December 21, 2020

Spoonlight, Five on the Fifth

Jars, The Cabinet of Heed

Tears of Smoke and Pain, Mookychick

Explainable Earthquakes , Elephants Never, Jan 2020

Ironic HoneymoonElephants Never, Feb 2019

The Average Heart, Elephants Never, Feb 2020

North Star, Clover and White, Feb 2020


My Almost Secret Writing Life, I Wrote it Anyway anthology, edited by Caroline Donahue

Share your Love of Books

Encourage Children to Read This Summer May 13, 2011

TeachWrite Chat Blog – Guest Blogger

Thavin and Marcob

Ethical ELA


Diner, FoxGlove Journal, November 2022

Move On, Scrittura

Window of Time, Scrittura

Burn It Down

Podcasts Appearances:

Teachers on Fire Podcast December 2020 Learning, Writing and Embracing Rejection

Story A Day April 2020 Tammy Loves A Challenge

Stop Writing Alone April 2020 The Accidental Inspirationalist

Better Leaders Better Schools Feb 2019 Using Goals and Self Care to Improve Coaching

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