3 Questions #SOL23 #Day3

On (some) Tuesdays I write about education and then post to the Two Writing Teacher blog. and then comment on at least three other blog posts Every day in March I will blog and post for the Two Writing Teacher challenge.

Today my inspiration comes from the Tracking Wonder website which I discovered from Monna’s Ease Lessons podcast. The podcast is extremely inspirational to me!

3 Questions to Change My Perspective

These questions came from a newsletter from the author of Tracking Wonder. I have been working with these questions over the course of a week. I am not sure I am happy with my responses, but it has been an interesting exercise.

The process is to ask the same 3 questions every morning for two weeks, and then track your responses. The purpose is to feel a new sense of purpose and mission. It is a way to reset by reminding yourself what you are devoted to.

I chose a Google Doc and put a reminder into my calendar so I get a notification. I also linked the doc in the reminder.

Question 1: The Devotion Question

What am I devoted to today? 

The Devotion Question is one key tool not just to fall in love with a fantasy of a big idea but to stand in wonder with making it real.

Keep the devotion to seven words or less. That way you can remember it when you need it.

To think about what I am devoted to on a daily basis sets a tone for the day. It is interesting to pare down what I am devoted to in seven words.

Question 2: The Curiosity Question

What am I curious about today?

Curiosity, wonder’s rebel facet, boosts our mood and propels us into action. Curiosity helps us persist because we have fun along the way.

If you’re not sure about your curiosity, ask yourself one of these questions to get behind your curiosity “What skills do I want to learn? What piece of knowledge do I want or need answered? “

Start your day with this question, and the day becomes more of a quest, even if the quest is mostly internal as you pursue new discoveries. 

When you let The Curiosity Question frame your meetings or other chance encounters with people during the day, then every conversation becomes a curiosity conversation. 

Some ask themselves, “Who am I curious about today?” to remind themselves that genuine curiosity builds genuine rapport and connection.

I am curious about a lot things and input is my jam, but when I have to write it down and think about it the answer does not come as easily as I would have thought. I allow ideas to come to be organically and then pursue them, so this approach is different.

Question 3: The Possibility Question

What if we______?

This question cannot help but open you up to a little possibility for the day. 

>>> What if we found a new way to write a story? 

>>> What if we could sync up as a remote writing group once a week for a creative coffee break? 

>>> What if we rotated who led the meeting, even if it wasn’t the most obvious person? 

Why “we”? It reminds you that pursuing possibility is rarely if ever a solely solo endeavor. Do it together beats do it yourself.

Maybe you already have a question or morning rhythm that sets your day off right. If so, hit “Reply” and let me know.

A life of meaning and possibility is within your reach. Today.

I think moving forward, I am going to think of these questions are more of freewrites and then take all my ideas and make the simple sentences to record. It is still something I am playing with.

Let me know if you try them out!

What are you devoted to and curious about today? What if you tried the questions??


6 thoughts on “3 Questions #SOL23 #Day3

  1. These are interesting questions and the process of responding over and over again over the course of two weeks sounds like both a challenge and a potential revelation. Your reflection on each of the questions and how you might apply them in other contexts spurs your reader to engage similarly.


  2. I am intrigued by the idea of responding to the questions repeatedly….so much potential for introspection and contemplation


  3. This is an interesting exercise! Have you found your answers repetitive, or were you able to come up with fresh ideas each morning? I ask because I am a regular gratitude writer each evening, and find that I am grateful for the same things very often.


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