December First #WeekendCoffeeShare

I invite you to join me for a cup of coffee and a conversation.

Thanks to Natalie the Explorer who provides space to link and celebrate Weekend Coffee Share posts!

If We Were Having Coffee I Would Tell You:

  1. I spent 5 days this week in retreat with Natalie Goldberg which was amazing. It was the same schedule every day of Zazen, 3 hours with Natalie, a one hour writing group with 2 10 minute writes, and then another session of sitting meditation. I did more sitting meditation than I ever have before which was new and a learning experience.
  2. My soon-to-be brother-in-law moved back to Indiana this week! There was family in the house to help with the move and lots of great food to welcome them!
  3. I tried a couple new recipes this week and they turned out well. I also have returned to some favorites. There is lots of talk about Christmas cookie making now!
  4. I was able to write with a friend from Colorado this week. We had let the time lapse between meetings far too long. I am glad we reconnected and have another session planned in 2 weeks.
  5. I am amazed at how exhausting an hour of errands is to me. I need to pay more attention to what drains my energy and what gives it to me.
  6. I made a punch cup advent calendar for Chris and it is fun for him to find the gift for the day. It is a small delight.
  7. This week there are new readings from Mary Oliver for advent. First Snow is one of the poems I will be rereading each day.
  8. Tomorrow a big assignment is due for my Intensive students and I am excited to read them!
  9. I send you love and peace for your week ahead. There is such strength gathered for me because of the true love and abundance in my life. Even the simple routine of Chris and I having breakfast out every Sunday has a sparkle all its own! I hope something sparkles for you in a similar way.

Recommendations for the Week

Centered Programs, community, growth

Salt and Lavender Chicken Piccata

What are your plans for this Sunday?

Thank you for joining me for a coffee chat. I hope to see you next weekend!


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