In November #TuesdayShare

I invite you to join me for a cup of coffee and a conversation on a Tuesday. I usually share my weekend coffee share on Sunday.

November is NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month). November is the month with my favorite holiday and my favorite meal. November is also the month to read:

This children’s book was one I read every November to at least one class. It has beautiful language and makes a great text to write from.

In November, on this Tuesday,

  • the time change has not affected me as much this fall as it normally does. I am not a supporter of Daylight Savings Time, but not working in a physical school setting has lessened the effect for me this year.
  • is the FULL MOON! What you are doing to celebrate? I always pull tarot for full and new moons.
  • my novel rewrite is going well. I have a session with one of my mentors today and am anxious to hear her comments about the new format.
  • I have a fire in the fireplace to write with and a cat sleeping on my legs. It is wonderful.
  • I am reflecting on my PUSH group meeting last night. We did three writing prompts and some lite sharing of the results. We also shared WINS (as we do every week). It was such a nice meeting full of great words, community, and laughter.
  • I’m a little overwhelmed by how much I want to read, write and listen to all at the same time.
  • I have to go for a walk.
  • I miss my person who is at work and I am writing and working from home.
  • I am working on posts that go live tomorrow for my Story Intensive writing students.
  • I am still thinking about the writing classes I took last week.

What does your Tuesday look like?


11 thoughts on “In November #TuesdayShare

  1. This one’s the best: “I have a fire in the fireplace to write with and a cat sleeping on my legs. It is wonderful.” And now you’ve reminded me to watch for the full moon tonight. Happy Tuesday. I love In November too!

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  2. Your Tuesday sounds both full and relaxing. My Tuesday so far has included shoveling snow, voting, getting a pedicure and having my hair cut. Later I’m baking a cake for my DKG club and working on NCTE presentations.

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  3. Hi, Tammy! You sound busy and happy! My Tuesday has been busy. I voted this morning after sleeping in a little bit because I had not slept well the night before. I came home and wrote my blog post. Then, after lunch I went grocery shopping. I made dinner and called my parents to check on them. I just finished writing my NaNoWriMo installment for today. I am busy and happy on this Tuesday. Now, it is raining.

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      • Hi Tammy! I am writing an adult fiction novel – a murder mystery, of sorts. I’ve had the idea for a while, just never took the time to work on it. We’ll see. I am sure it’ll need a great deal of revision. The most difficult part I’ve found in pacing the story. Thanks!


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