Colorful Sunday #WeekendCoffeeShare

I invite you to join me for a cup of coffee and a conversation. Today is full of writing and fire for me.

Thanks to Natalie the Explorer who provides space to link and celebrate Weekend Coffee Share posts!

If We Were Having Coffee

I would ask you, “Where are you in the world? What is your weather – internal or external?”

I would tell you it is a full moon today! Full moons are a great time to reset and make new goals for the next cycle. One of the ways I will celebrate is with drinks in front of the fire with my man this evening!

I would tell you I made my errands this week into a writing adventure. I turned my 5 stops into a writing crawl. Similar to the bar crawl or the progressive dinners of yesteryear. If you would like to read the details you can find that article here.

I would tell you we had family visiting this past week from Florida which was fun. I was able to make some good meals and some pumpkin bread! The pumpkin bread recipe came from a friend’s mom in high school and I haven’t made it in almost 10 years. The guys were able to get some work done too which was great. The weather was cool this time!

I would tell you I had to drive to Wisconsin again this week. Paperwork needed to be signed and my ties to the badger state should be about over now. This should be the last hurdle. There are some pending approvals but that is out of my control. I am thankful I am almost through this transition.

I would tell you I continue the #last100daysproject2022. I post a word and then a random sentence each day on Instagram. You can check them out here.

Do you need a refill? Would you like some ice water?

I would tell you my PUSH group is looking for new members! We meet on Mondays (usually) and always share wins, write together and then have a conversation related to writing. For more info you can check out the details here.

I would tell you my writing has been fueled by life and reading but I messed up my own schedule this week so I feel behind where I normally am in the writing week. I did have a one-on-one session this week that has me changing my approach to the Jack project. I am excited but need a chunk of time to get the work done.

I would tell you I spent Saturday with my son and we had a great time. We laughed and planned his Halloween costume. We ventured to the mall which I haven’t been to in quite awhile. Overall it was a great visit. I always enjoy spending time with him.

I hope your Sunday and the coming week are filled with rest and what you need.

Thank you for joining me for a coffee chat. I hope to see you next weekend!


One thought on “Colorful Sunday #WeekendCoffeeShare

  1. In my last job, I had a volunteer who brought in pumpkin bread. She was explaining me her process which included growing her pumpkins from her backyard miniature pumpkin patch. I on the otherhand made pumpkin bread from a pre-mix box. One day I’ll make my own pumpkin puree from the pumpkin I grew from my yard :-P.


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