It’s Fall Sunday #WeekendCoffeeShare

Let’s have several cups of coffee today.

Thanks to Natalie the Explorer who provides space to link and celebrate Weekend Coffee Share posts!

If We Were Having Coffee

I would ask you, “How was your September? Did you learn anything? Did something big change for you?”

I would tell you my Mastermind session with Nancy Stohlman opened up some things for me in my Jack manuscript. I am happy I have dedicated this space to help me work on the story and that progress is being made.

I would tell you my Story Intensive is such a great group and I am so honored to be their teacher. We will be getting together on a Zoom call this week and I am excited to see the dynamic of the group together.

I would tell you I am in the beginning stages of the #last100daysproject2022. I post a word and then a random sentence each day on Instagram. You can check them out here.

I would tell you the schedule this past week was wonky. Several late nights but it all worked out well and I was able to get a lot of writing done! The conversations in the vehicle back and forth for Chris and I are always fueling. We process well together on all subjects. I had several writer calls this week which were also fueling. It has been nice to get together with writer friends for write in times and check in chats. I am still pondering in-person writing get-togethers and how I feel about that right now.

I would tell you I am recommending a podcast called TK with James Scott: A Writing, Reading, & Books Podcast. The first episode is with Laura van den Berg who he met at Emerson. He had moved and missed his writing community. He began the podcast in order to never lose his community and writing conversations again. There are many many episodes for me to enjoy!

Do you need a refill? Would you like some ice water?

I would tell you happy new moon! I am so happy it is autumn now. As I write this, I sit in front of a fire in a sweatshirt. The weather is so much more agreeable in the fall! It is the gateway to my favorite season: WINTER! I do love the concept of Hygge (higgy is Chris’ pronunciation!) We have already had soup and fires. I even made cinnamon scones yesterday. YUM!!! These are all great celebrations for fall!

I would tell you my PUSH group is looking for new members! We meet on Mondays (usually) and always share wins, write together and then have a conversation related to writing. For more info you can check out the detailed info here.

I would tell you my writing has been fueled by myths and origin stories lately which are fun to research and then twist into a new story. I pulled out my Tarot of the Divine deck which is based on myths from all around the world. I also am reading more and began this novel this week:

I would ask you, “What authors would you recommend to me? Are there stories you think I should read?”

I would tell you I have rejuvenated my yoga practice which has felt good. Life is good all around and feeling better in my body is a good step too. Cooler weather makes it easier for me to workout at this point in my life it seems.

I hope your Sunday and the week are filled with cooler temperatures, great words, big love, and great coffee!

Thank you for joining me for a coffee chat. I hope to see you next weekend!


One thought on “It’s Fall Sunday #WeekendCoffeeShare

  1. If we were having coffee I would tell you the following about September:

    – Our kitty Mac n’ Cheese crossed the rainbow Bridge
    – We got a new kitten – Spot
    – Work is back in full swing
    – Jail Ministry is rewarding
    – Zoom “calls” can be productive, stressful & exhausting


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