#SOL22 #last100days2022

On (some) Tuesdays I write about education and then post to the Two Writing Teacher blog. I also comment on at least three other blog posts.

As of today, there are 103 days left in 2022.

For the last several years I have self-inflicted a #last100days project. There is significance to 100 days for me. My son used to tell me when he was a toddler that 100 was his favorite number. (He is 19 now!) It is a nice round number I am drawn to. You can do something with it. It is important.

This morning I spent several hours in writing life related Zoom calls which are fueling. I spent time reading. I did some yoga.

Next month there will be a prompt to write a poem a day which is a common challenge I give myself. I will write to them but probably will not publish them anywhere.

Past 100-day projects have been me writing prompts, writing one random sentence that turned into a story after the challenge was over, and the 100 rejections that morphed into 100 submissions. The 100 submissions project yielded a collection I published.

I am thinking about tarot and writing which I explore daily. I am reading flash fiction and logging details that will enhance my writing but I have not landed on a project yet for 2022. I could revisit old classes and redo them every day. I am still thinking.

I have been thinking a lot about public and private writing and the purposes of each. The why behind what I choose to share and what I don’t. Maybe that will become part of my project.

What project would you choose?

I would love to hear your thoughts about 100 day projects! Instagram I believe will be part of my accountability with this project. If you want to follow me there I am @writertammy.

6 thoughts on “#SOL22 #last100days2022

  1. This counting down of the last 100 days of the year is an interesting concept. If I were to set a goal for the last 100 days of the year I am not sure what it would be. Maybe to finish some of the started projects I never got around to finishing. The sentence a day that turned into a story really sounds interesting.

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  2. Hi Tammy! I appreciate the heads up on how many days we have left in the year – and I might just sign on to another 100 day effort. I did one earlier in the year, just a personal challenge; I wrote a poem a day; I was often inspired by a photograph, but I tried lots of different structures. I liked the commitment very much – I found it contemplative, centering. This year might need two such challenges!!

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  3. Well, you have definitely got me thinking!! I don’t know what I would do as a 100 day challenge for the final months of 2022….I have some ideas that cropped up while I was reading your post, but no clue which one I’ll commit to in three days!

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    • I am not sure yet either! LOL I thought about just logging one really great word a day and sharing it. I could use it as a prompt or just a word to savor!


  4. You’ve given me lots of sparks of inspiration here, especially thinking about public and private writing opportunities. I’m not sure where 2022 has gone, but I’m excited to hear how you decide to spend your last 100 days!

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  5. Wow Tammy.. the last 100 days of 2022! When you say 100 days, the time seems so short. But when you change it to 3 months, it feels longer? Strange that 3 feels longer than 100 😁

    I had participated in the 100 days of running challenge this year and I remember hating it almost half the time and yet I couldn’t stop once I had done 50 continuous days of running because I felt that if I’ve come this far, what’s the point of quitting now? It was a strange experience.

    So I’m not sure if I’ll be signing up for a challenge that lasts 3 months .. maybe something shorter will be good for me hehe


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