September Sunday #WeekendCoffeeShare

Let’s have a cup of coffee today…or several. I am quite sleepy today so I may have more than usual. We are back from breakfast but more coffee never hurts me! I do want to know why it is not colder! I am ready for fall/winter temperatures!

Thanks to Natalie the Explorer who provides space to link and celebrate Weekend Coffee Share posts!

If We Were Having Coffee

I would tell you my Mastermind with Nancy Stohlman is in full swing. I am having a session this week with her to go over some pages and am excited to talk about this project and get it moving in the right direction. The whole group had a chat on Friday about writing which was interesting. I found out about a place in Italy that will take anyone’s old journals, not just famous people.

I would tell you The Story Intensive officially begins tomorrow. I am so excited for my students to begin! The classroom space is all ready for their arrival. I know my student’s names, but they are getting their emails tonight or tomorrow morning to get into the learning area. It is going to be a great community. I already had 2 prep calls this week for the Intensive which were great fun.

I would tell you I heard Venita Blackburn speak yesterday through an event with SmokeLong and then I was in her breakout session! It was amazing. She shared about having her flash fiction piece in the New Yorker, getting her agent, and teaching at writing conferences. Her writing is pretty freaking amazing and she was such a great speaker and teacher. I highly recommend checking out her writing.

I would tell you I have not been consistent with my newsletter and I am wondering how it fits into my writing life now. I write consistently but more has been for private consumption and submitting rather than public reading. It could just be a phase I am in now or I may stop doing the newsletter altogether. We will see what purpose it holds.

Do you need a refill? Would you like some ice water?

I would tell you I have been reading more this week which has been fueling my brain and my writing. I got Blue Pastures by Mary Oliver. I have been using my library and my library apps. I have been reading poetry by Kelli Agodon and the Cloud Cuckoo Land novel by Anthony Doerr. I reread an essay by Zadie Smith. I have been reading The Paris Review and World of Wonders. I have also started to read some flash pieces and unpack them for craft purposes. I created a spreadsheet with the questions I ask myself when I am revising a story.

I would tell you my PUSH group is looking for new members! We meet on Mondays (usually) and always share wins, write together and then have a conversation related to writing. For more info you can check out the detailed info here.

I would tell you our family went back to Florida yesterday morning. It was so great to have them here all week. There was lots of talking and drinking coffee and eating and laughing – the essential ingredients for a great visit! We went out to dinner Friday night which was lovely. I was still able to get work done during the day which was good. This coming week I will prepare for the beginning of Fall! WHOO HOO!

I would tell you I had 2 classes with Kathy Fish this week. With both classes, I was able to begin 5 drafts.

I would tell you I am loving my life and am thankful this is the life I am living. I am loved and taken care of. I am able to focus on my writing work (all the tentacles of that!) and not worry about what other people are thinking about it. I am focused on taking care of Chris, our home, and all that entails and loving every. single. minute of it. Abundance in all the right areas is a good thing. I am not worried all the time about “what might happen” and that is such a relief. (Insert a big sigh and a big smile here)

I hope your Sunday and the week are filled with reading, perfect temperatures, new ideas, a fun project, and great coffee!

Thank you for joining me for a coffee chat. I hope to see you next weekend!


3 thoughts on “September Sunday #WeekendCoffeeShare

  1. Tammy, I can’t tell you how much I love to read this! I love that you’re concentrating on writing for yourself and publication instead of public consumption. I need to do this for myself. I wish you all the best! You sound really happy!


  2. Hi Tammy,
    I’d share that our long summer has finally broken with a big wind last week and today a blast of rain – and per your hope – our temperatures which were breaking new records in the 110+ range have returned to 60s -70s. Perfect for a big mug of tea and my early morning writing pattern.
    Work is still just work, but they seem to want to keep me around so I’m there for a while longer.


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