Sunday #WeekendCoffeeShare

Thank you for joining me for coffee today! Shall I pour you a cup? Let’s settle in! It is a rainy Sunday today here and I am feeling content but moving at a slower pace.

I link my blog at Natalie the Explorer to celebrate Weekend Coffee Share posts!

If we were having coffee I would tell you I finished a class with Nancy Stohlman this week and it was amazing! The prompts were centered around Pop Culture and it took me in a different direction with my writing that I wasn’t expecting. I am happy with all 5 drafts and I will be sending them out after a few rounds of revision. I joined Nancy’s mastermind for the next several months to get the revisions completed for the Jack Project. This is a hard deadline for me. It is exciting!

If we were having coffee I would tell you the Sarah Selecky Story Intensive starts for me this week with teacher meetings. I am excited for this semester! I have been thinking about the type of blocked schedule for myself for the next several months. I will be able to tell more after next week of what I need to do and how much time needs to be allotted. What I know for sure is this writer’s life is really my life and I adore it.

If we were having coffee I would tell you family is coming to visit and I am excited! I will get to cook for many people this week. Chris is always appreciative of the dinners we get to enjoy. I get to spread the good smells and tastes this week!

Do you need a refill? Would you like some ice water?

If we were having coffee I would tell you I wrote every day and I was able to get some submissions sent off. The SmokeLong Fitness program continues. My writing circle began today with Jane Brunette. It is an amazing group of writers and we meet once a month. It is all freewriting and sharing. Some magical things happen when this group writes together.

If we were having coffee I would tell you my PUSH group is looking for new members! We meet on Mondays and always share wins, write together and then have a conversation related to writing. For more info you can check out the detailed info here.

Here are what some members are saying:


Push for push: “Push gets me writing. Tammy has a way of making me look at things from a different lens and perspective. She has me stretching my mind and I feel I am growing as a writer and learning a lot about myself and my craft. It’s a weekly mind workout. Push is like yoga for your mind. As a teacher I teach the craft of writing, but seldom did I make time to practice my own writing. Push ensures that I take time for myself to enjoy writing.”


Even though it’s just one hour a week, I try never to miss a week with Tammy’s PUSH group. This small and intimate group is like writing therapy. We talk about our successes over the week. Then, Tammy chooses the perfect prompts and we write for somewhere between 5-8 minutes. Everyone is given a chance to talk about what they wrote and no one declines. It’s such a safe place. Somehow everything I write during this hour with Tammy comes from a deeper and more honest place than in sprints with other groups.

I hope your Sunday and the week are filled with reading, deep love, slow moving mornings, and great coffee!

Do you have any burning questions for me? I would love to answer them next week in the coffee share! Put them in the comments or message me through the blog and I will answer them all!

Thank you for joining me for a coffee chat. I hope to see you next weekend!


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